General Dentistry

at Church Stretton Dental & Implant Centre

General dentistry in Church Stretton

Healthy teeth aren’t just about how good they look, it is also about how well they perform and function. Maintaining your general oral health care is our top priority and we will do everything we can to help give you healthy teeth and gums for life.


At Church Stretton Dental & Implant Centre, we welcome you and the whole family. Our mission is to build a relationship with you which makes a visit to the dentist as stress free as possible. We provide a range of general dentistry services that include regular check-ups and managing your oral hygiene.


Our welcoming team provide the same level of high service and patient care no matter whether you are an NHS dental patient or a private dental patient.

General dentistry treatments available in Church Stretton

Here are some of the more common general dentistry treatments that we offer our patients throughout Shropshire:

This is the main reason that many of our patients visit us and we usually see patients every 6 to 12 months.

This allows us to keep a check on the health of your teeth and your gums. Regular appointments mean that we can stay abreast of any changes and treat any problems sooner rather than later saving potential costly treatment

Our friendly dental hygienists are here to offer you advice on all aspects of oral health.

They spend a lot of their time preventing and treating the build-up of plaque which forms gum disease. We like to see patients for hygienist appointments every 6 or 12 months.

If your tooth has a cavity or decay, then it will need to be restored using fillings.

This can be done using the traditional amalgam filling or the popular white fillings which naturally blend in with your teeth

If your tooth has become badly decayed or infected, a root canal treatment will be used to repair it.

The nerve and pulp are removed so that the inside of the tooth can be cleaned and sealed

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