Teeth Straightening Shrewsbury

at Church Stretton Dental & Implant Centre

Teeth straightening Shrewsbury

A beautiful smile looks good and can make you feel good too.  Straight teeth will improve your confidence to smile more and boost your relationships with others.

Having straight teeth will also improve your dental health as teeth are easier to keep clean and free from plaque. This in in turn will affect your general health as research has proved that the two are closely linked.

Everyone deserves to have a smile that they can be proud of and having your teeth straightened can help achieve that. Gone are the days when teeth straightening would mean years of painful metal braces and head gear equipment.

Advances in technology has meant that dental braces can now straighten teeth quickly, comfortably and more affordably than ever.

Invisalign in Shrewsbury have revolutionised teeth straightening and many of our patients from Bishop’s Castle, Acton Scott, Church Stretton and throughout Shropshire have opted to straighten teeth invisibly using clear plastic aligners. 

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Braces to straighten teeth

At Church Stretton Dental Practice, we can straighten teeth using two different forms of dental braces:

These braces take the form of a series of clear, thin aligners which sit over the top of your teeth.  

You change them on a weekly basis as your teeth gradually move into their final position. Patients love that they can straighten teeth invisibly as well as being able to take the braces out to eat, drink and brush teeth.  

Invisalign works quickly, comfortably and discreetly to straighten teeth. 

Fixed braces straighten teeth using brackets that are cemented on to your teeth and wires which connect them to gradually move the teeth into position.

There have been advances with these braces over the years which means they straighten teeth more comfortably and quicker than ever. 

Fixed braces remain popular as they straighten teeth very precisely and can treat even the most severe orthodontic problems.

Benefits of teeth straightening in Shrewsbury 

Having your teeth straightened at Church Stretton has the following benefits:  

  • A guaranteed gorgeous new smile at the end of your treatment 
  • Improved confidence to smile again 
  • Straight teeth will improve the health of your teeth and gums which will be easier to clean and keep free from plaque 
  • Oral health has proven links to general health so this will be boosted too 
  • Teeth straightening will improve your bite meaning more efficient eating and chewing
  • Our friendly welcoming team will talk you through the benefits of the different orthodontic braces and together we will determine which form of teeth straightening is best for you 

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